Emerson Industrial Automation sells and supports products across the full spectrum of automation applications. From fluid automation, to manufacturing automation, to electrical and mechanical power transmission, Emerson products and services address a wide range of capabilities. View our product capabilities below.

From the electrical systems that power productivity to the mechanical systems that deliver high-quality, finished products; we offer specialized solutions and expertise to optimize every facet of your operations. This includes.

The businesses of Emerson Industrial Automation provide the products, solutions and services that drive advanced industrial production.


Emerson Industrial Automation's deep category expertise and broad industry experience deliver premier solutions for industries worldwide.

  • Bearings and Power Transmission
  • Control Power Solutions
  • Electrical Construction Materials
  • Electric Motors
  • Electric Power Generation Equipment
  • Fluid Automation
  • Heating Cable System
  • Material Joining Solutions
  • Variable Speed Drives and Servos
  • Wind Turbine Pitch Systems